Sam Gellerstein trombone

Sam Gellerstein is a Low Brass multi-instrumentalist, educator, composer and arranger living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From Jazz, to Salsa, to Ska Punk, Sam works within many genres within the tri-state area and beyond. Locally, he is a part of many groups such as the South Philly Big Band, Yellow 11,the Whoa Phat Brass Band, Max Swan/Calcium, The Jazz Orchestra of Philadelphia, and many commercial and recording projects.

“Sam Gellerstein’s determination and dedication to his craft has clearly placed him several cuts above the crowd, according to his peers. As his professor, this comes as no surprise. The great Walter Payton comes to mind when I think of Sam. Mr. Gellerstein amasses the type of sonic presence of which can topple towers…..not by sheer volume but, merely by sweetness. Sam is set out to redefine the knife, not just the cut”

-Luis Bonilla

“It feels new/current, even grungy at times, but not just for the sake of being so, with the driving focal point, being around sound of the trombone. The music makes me feel like I’m allowed to have a good time.”

-Tim Warfield

Receiving his BM in Trombone Performance from The University of the Arts in 2016, and his MM in Jazz Performance from Temple in 2018 and is also a Classroom Instrumental Music Teacher working for the School District of Philadelphia.